SymbioteSwap - Layer 3
The first automated deflationary yield farm that rewards farmers for holding.


What are we trying to solve?
Unlike the past, one of the main issue with current yield farms is that there are too many harvesting and dumping. Many innovating farms ( for e.g. 'big cat farm") tries to solve the issue by creating new mechanism which locks harvest. This in turn results in timely dumping which does not solve the problem at all, but rather just delaying the inevitable (cue Thanos).
The team have come up with a new HODL Multiplier mechanism which give farmers an incentive to HODL. HODL LONGER to EARN MORE.


Claim BNB Rewards (NEW)

Claim BNB rewards for VENOM and CARNAGE Holders.
Requirements for collection includes: 1. HODL Multiplier of SYM Pool must be at least 150% 2. HOLD XXXX VENOM and XXXX CARNAGE in wallet (subjective to change, finalized value after fair launch) 3. Reward Allocation based on amount of SYM staked in the pool 4. Collection available 24 hours after start of farm 5. Collection once every 24 hours per wallet


VIP Requirements requires you to own a fixed number of VENOM in the wallet to interact with the pool/farm.


Incentive HODL multiplier for farmers that DO NOT HARVEST. HODL Multiplier will be in the range of 1% to 200%
HODL Multiplier

Automatic Liquidity

3% of VEMON will be transferred to the token with every transaction. Once the minimum amount of token is collected, it will be sent to router and will be used to add liquidity to the pool.

Passive Burning Tax

2% of VENOM will be burnt with every transaction


Transaction of more than 1% of the total supply will be rejected

Referral Fee

2% on-chain referral fee when referral link is used
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